State of the Art Technology

At Summit Endodontics, we take pride in the fact that we are equipped with the latest endodontic technology available.

  • Dental Operating Microscope- Dr. Flath uses a high powered surgical microscope for most endodontic procedures. This allows for optimum visualization of delicate root canal anatomy.
  • Digital Imaging- All of our x rays and cone beam scans are done digitally which offers minimal radiation exposure.
  • Electronic Dental Records-We use electronic dental records that allow us to have “paperless” patient records and practice in a more environmentally friendly manner.
  • 2D xray suggests a possible problem while the 3D image(on right) clearly shows a root fracture

    Cone Beam Scan- We have onsite 3D imaging available. Unlike regular x rays, cone beam scans can discriminate between many types of tissue (including bone,teeth, nerve and soft tissue). It is a non-invasive, cost effective tool for diagnosing a wide range of clinical problems. In some cases, it eliminates the need for exploratory surgery.